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Perfect for educators and content creators, these icons help to visually punctuate your tutorials, presentations, and online courses. Should you find yourself needing a helping hand, a video tutorial complete with voice guidance is included. For any additional queries or specialized assistance, support is just a profile page message away. Investing in the ’50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons’ means equipping yourself with a versatile toolkit to polish and perfect your educational content.

Features of 50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons

The ’50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons’ is a versatile collection designed specifically for e-learning and educational projects. This pack equips video producers and content creators with a set of engaging visual tools to enhance their educational materials. Here are the core features of this animated icon set:

  • Compatible with After Effects CC 2018 or above: This animated icon set is built for use with recent versions of After Effects, ensuring creators have access to the latest tools and features provided by Adobe.
  • Video Tutorial Included: Each purchase comes with a comprehensive video tutorial, complete with a voiceover. This resource will guide users through the process of integrating and customizing the icons within their projects.
  • Fully After Effects – No Plugins Required: These icons are crafted entirely within After Effects, which means users won’t need any additional plugins. This feature simplifies the workflow and ensures that users won’t face compatibility issues.
  • Customizable In and Out Animations: Creators can adjust the duration of both ‘in’ and ‘out’ animations, offering flexibility and control over the timing and flow of their e-learning content.
  • Universal Expressions: The icons are designed to function with any language version of After Effects, making them accessible to a global user base.
  • Easy Color Control: With an intuitive color control system, users can easily adapt the icon colors to match their brand or project’s aesthetic, ensuring visual consistency throughout their content.
  • Fully Vectorized Icons: The fully vectorized nature of these icons means they can be scaled to any size without a loss in quality. This is particularly useful when creating content for different screen sizes and resolutions.

If users have any queries or need further assistance, they are encouraged to reach out via the profile page of the creator. This direct line of communication ensures prompt support for any issues that may arise during the use of the ’50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons’.

With these features, the ’50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons’ set stands out as a practical asset for content creators focused on creating dynamic and engaging e-learning experiences. Each icon’s design is crafted to effectively convey educational concepts, ensuring viewers are engaged and can easily understand the material being presented. Whether used for instructional videos, online courses, or interactive presentations, these icons offer a professional and polished visual component to any educational project.

How to use 50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons

Creating engaging e-learning content has never been easier with the ’50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons’ template for After Effects. Perfect for educators and content creators, this template offers a range of visually appealing icons that can enhance any educational video by adding a touch of animation to key concepts and ideas, helping to capture and retain viewer attention.

Before you start, make sure you have a working copy of After Effects installed on your system. It’s also a good idea to have a basic understanding of the After Effects interface. First, open your project and navigate to the template file. Within the template, you’ll find a variety of icons related to education such as books, globes, and technology.

One standout feature of this template is its customization capabilities. Users can easily change the color and size of the icons to match their project’s theme or branding. To customize, select an icon, and look for the ‘Effect Controls’ window where you will find the customization options. For size adjustments, head over to the ‘Scale’ property under the ‘Transform’ options for that particular icon layer.

If you encounter any issues where an icon isn’t animating as expected, double-check that you’ve enabled the proper keyframes for animation. Keyframes can be added or adjusted by clicking the stopwatch icon next to any animatable property.

By integrating these dynamic icons into your e-learning materials, the result is a more interactive and engaging learning experience. Remember to keep your creativity flowing – with this template, the potential to enhance your e-learning projects is at your fingertips.

50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons Demo and Download

Elevate your e-learning projects with ’50 Animated E-Learning Line Icons’ for After Effects CC 2018 and above. This pack features a video tutorial, plug-in free design, customizable animations, and easy color control, all fully vectorized for sharp visuals. Download it with confidence from DesireFX.COM a secure and reliable source. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, these icons will make your content shine.

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