X-mas Gift Creator Bundle Mock-ups 4419674

PSD | 6000×4000 | 2.1 Gb

CHRISTMAS GIFT(S) CREATOR BUNDLE MOCK-UPS with free demo (link in description below) Create own christmas gift(s) /box(es) with decorations from the scratch or use ready-to-use compositions. Ready-to-use scenes included | Free Updates for Live Only $19 for ALL included mock-ups, editable elements with features & ready to use scenes
Xmas Gifts/Boxes Creator Bestseller Bundle Create own xmas gift/boxes set using awesome full-editable gift mockups with festive decorations and special accessories included. Enjoy endless possibilities, mix and match all elements as you wish and design them according to your needs. The bundle includes different Gifts/ Boxes Mock-ups with elements like ribbon types, self-generated tags and stickers, over 15 background types and over 45 isolated decorations with shadows. In the package you will find 4x psd files with ready to work elements, 9x premade scenes and guide in pdf.
Whats included in the Creator Bundle? Gifts and Boxes Creator Mock-ups In the package you will find 4 different gift/box types in two sizes (rectangle and square). You can design all of them as you wish. Choose between simple brown boxes, brown paper gifts, color boxes and color paper gifts.
Ribbon Types Choose suitable ribbon for your gift. You can choose between 8 different packaging styles. Turn on/off, move, edit color as you wish or edit design in “Classic with Bow”. You can also add more decorations below.
Gift Accessories & Decorations In separated .psd file you can find over 48 sets of accessories. You can decorate your gift or scene with festive elements. Place them under the ribbon, near gift. Move, scale, rotate them – all are isolated and well preapred to your needs.
Extra Backgrounds In separated /psd file you can find 16 backgrounds. You can choose between woody, goldy, grainy, snowy and abstract ones. It’s amazing how often many of them looks equally great.
Premade Scenes included In the package you also find 9x ready-to-use scenes. No need to design creation around gift or boxes. Just use included ones, finish design as you wish and save. Enjoy!
Fully customizable Mock-up Creator Choose rectangle or square box/gift. Decide if it’s brown, paper, color or satin paper finishing. Then choose and add all well-preapred elements and finish with decorations. Change gift/box type & edit design. Add & generate custom shape sticker(s) Change the ribbon type and edit color (design) Add special decorations under the ribbon Add & generate custom shape label/tag (edit design, color of metal corcle and twine) Add more decorations (to gift and scene)
How to work with Gift/ Box Creator?
1.The base-choosen type and shape of gift/box on which you would like to work.
2.Color & Design – drag and drop own design into Smart Object.
3.Add ribbon type-most of them you can edit with color or design.
4.Add well prepared xmas decorations under the ribbon.
5.Finish scene with elements: backgrounds and other decorations on top.
Special feature: Label & Sticker Create own shape tag and sticker using our mock-ups creator. You can make ANY shape you need – it’s all automatic. Make own shape and design it inside Smart Object, just save and get photorealistic picture of tag/label. Finish with metal circle and twine color.
1.Make own shape of label/sticker, add design inside and save.
2.Change twine color
3.Change color of metal circle
4.See automatically created label or sticker with your design. Let’s generate any shape you wish!
The workflow with scenes Now you can work as you’ve always dreamed of. Mix and match, enjoy with all provided elements. Preparing graphics can be really pleasure now. If you need ready-to-use scene, you have it. You can also adapt them according to your needs.
1. Open choosen scene & edit background You can use dedicated backgrounds:
abstract or just set solid/gradient color.
Choose any background you like and build your scene on it!
2. Choose mock-up or elelemnt. You can adapt all as you wish. If any element od scene doesn;t fit you, let’s update it. You can change design/color, turn on/off or remove form composition. If you need to transform any element – it is possible. If you need more elements-just add them on the scene. All is mellable here.
Sound as easy as pie? It is.
1.Base ready-to-use scene.
2.Change background.
3.You can edit design of gifts.
4.You can turn off, change design and place of tag.
5.You can change ribbons type and colorize them.
6.You can add more elements like scissors, maple tree etc.
3. So easy to use You can decide about design, color, shapes, size and so on. You can move, tranasform, scale … all what you need.
1.You can move and transform elements.
2.You can scale elements.
3.You can adjust color.
4.You can add special effects.
Show it like A True Professional Now you can present your products the way only the best global e-stores do. Every single mock-up generator was inspired by the best-selling photos and look books online. We follow digital trends and know how online marketing works. Trust us, were designers too.
Your super Realistic design You always wanted to make your designs as realistic as possible. Thanks to White Mocca you can create visuals that are extremely lifelike. Our mock-ups are equipped with the advanced transformation tool (for example: puppet warp transformation). We have created them with the highest precision what provides an incredibly realistic effect on your visual. Sounds as easy as pie? It is.
Achieve Mind-blowing Quality Each well prepered scene is 2800x2000px 300dpi. The single mock-ups are even bigger, you can easily zoom out and transform as you wish . We have made all files ready to be used on all kind of devices. What is more, our mock-ups work flawlessly on retina and HiDPI screens.
Extremely Beautiful color Discover the first mock-ups that helps you create a great image in bright or dark tones and incredible depth of color. You dont need any additional clicks or switches between different color versions. It all lies in our secret blending method that works phenomenal with all colors.
Awesome E-marketing tool Start using mock-ups not only for design but also market researches, prototyping and reviewing. Now you can easily use our mock-up to check your customers reaction.
Always up-to-date With All Products Stay tuned with all products, offers and discounts!
Once you purchase our products, you get our all updates. Check out other products from our collection and write us a note if theres something you cant find here but really need. Well figure it out.
Grab a manual & Go for it We wanted to make our mock-ups both: beginner- and user-friendly. Thats why we have created a special guide. You will find our special guide inside your White Mocca package after purchasing chosen product. Discover our well-organized layers and how our mock-ups work all in the same way as they have the same structure. As far as you learn to use it, you wont imagine design without White Mocca.
Need Help? See more instructions on White Moccas You Tube channel.
Links in descrption below.
Lets sum up all what you get:
4x Gift/Boxes Mock-ups in 2 different sizes
7x Ribbons to personalize your gift/box
45 Accessories Sets for creating and finishing scenes
10x Premade Scenes ready to use
Fully customized mock-ups set with drag & drop design applying
Unique angles in each sets inspired by the best-selling photos and look books online
Great quality for high resolution final images
Automatic tag/label and sticker generators included
Beautiful colors by using secret blending method
Isolated and full editable backgrounds
16x Beautifull Backgrounds to prepare composition
Awesome e-marketing tool
Easy & user friendly manual for a great start
Always free updates ( all mock-ups)
What s included in the package?
13x PSD files (inc. 4x dedicated for Scene Creator, 9x Ready-to-use Compositions)
1x Manual in PDF