Watercolor Bluebell Huge Set Vol.2 - 6058493

PNG JPG | 241 Mb

Watercolor bluebell flowers clipart collection: frames, crests, borders, floral alphabet, separate arrangements (used for the alphabet), and seamless patterns. (vol.2)
What is included:
6 frames size approx.: 16″x 15″ and smaller
3 crests size approx.: 15″x 17″ and smaller
3 borders size approx.: 20″x 3.5″
6 hand painted digital papers ( seamless patterns )raster: .jpg format (color background)raster: .png format (transparent background) *size.: 12″x12″ | 300dpi
26 embellished English alphabet letters and ampersand size approx.: 10″x 9″
10 embellished numbers size approx.: 7″x 9″
10 separate floral arrangements size approx.: 7″x 4″
All files are high resolution (300dpi) and have a transparent background (.png)