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For an auditory experience that matches the visual excellence, one can find a fitting audio backdrop from AudioJungle to underscore the urgency and significance of breaking news stories. World Breaking News brings together visual and auditory elements to create a complete package that stands out in the media sphere. This project ensures that news broadcasters have the tools they need to present stories in a way that is both engaging and informative, key to maintaining viewer attention in a world where getting information first makes all the difference.

Features of World Breaking News

In a rapidly shifting media environment, staying abreast of the latest events is more critical than ever. ‘World Breaking News’ from VideoHive emerges as a dynamic tool tailored to cater to this need, rendering the creation of high-impact news visuals not only possible but impressive in their delivery.

  • Resolution Excellence: The project boasts a full HD resolution (1920×1080), ensuring that your news broadcasts are presented with stunning clarity and maximum visual impact.
  • Frame Rate Adaptability: Compatible with any frame rate, this flexible feature allows seamless integration with various broadcast standards, making it versatile for different regional requirements.
  • Advanced Software Compatibility: Created for use with After Effects CC 2016 or newer, ‘World Breaking News’ aligns with up-to-date software, leveraging cutting-edge technology for professional results.
  • Effortless Customization: The inclusion of a color control module enables easy adaptation to your branding, allowing for a consistent and recognizable presentation that resonates with your audience.
  • Concise Narratives: With a duration of 25 seconds, the project encapsulates a short yet impactful opening sequence, ensuring viewers’ attention is captured without delay.
  • Rich Visual Options: Offering 13 placeholders, the template provides ample space for imagery, ensuring each segment of your broadcast can be visually represented.
  • Comprehensive Text Capabilities: The project accommodates 20 text folders, granting the freedom to overlay extensive information, headlines, and other crucial text elements directly onto your video content.
  • User-Friendly Assistance: A PDF help file is included, providing straightforward guidance to facilitate ease of use, ensuring you can focus on content rather than technical hurdles.
  • Universal Expressions: ‘World Breaking News’ comes with universal expressions, assuring compatibility, and easy integration across different language configurations.
  • Audio Compatibility: The project aligns seamlessly with an evocative news opener intro available at, ensuring your news broadcast is accompanied by an inviting and professional auditory backdrop.

Crafted exclusively in After Effects, ‘World Breaking News’ is engineered to equip broadcasters, reporters, and content creators with a highly customizable and professional-grade news template. This comprehensive tool transforms raw information into engaging visual stories, reinforcing the delivery of timely and critical news to a global audience. With these features, your broadcast will not only inform but also visually captivate, ensuring it stands out amidst the plethora of content available today.

How to use World Breaking News

Crafting a captivating news broadcast just got easier with the World Breaking News template for After Effects. This dynamic template allows beginner and experienced video editors to produce professional-looking broadcasts that capture the urgency and immediacy of breaking news stories.

Before jumping into editing, ensure you have the latest version of After Effects installed and that your system meets the necessary requirements for smooth operation. With all set, open the World Breaking News template to start the creative process. You’ll find a variety of custom graphics, lower thirds, and transition effects at your disposal, all tailored to give your broadcast a polished and authoritative look.

One standout feature is the template’s versatility, letting you adjust colors and text to fit your channel’s branding seamlessly. Follow these simple steps: start with editing the text layers to reflect your content, then select the color scheme that matches your brand, and finally, incorporate your footage or images into the placeholders to create a coherent visual narrative.

Users commonly encounter challenges with customizing the template to their liking, often related to manipulating the graphics and animation timings. Don’t hesitate to tweak the keyframes to control the animation speed or to consult the included user guide for detailed instructions on making the most of the template’s features.

By maintaining a clear, organized workflow, you can streamline your production process, leading to faster turnaround times and a news package that looks like it came straight from a major broadcast network—all while keeping viewers informed and engaged.

World Breaking News Demo and Download

Experience the dynamism of ‘World Breaking News’ After Effects template, crafted to perfection to bring your news broadcast standards to new heights. This project boasts a stunning Full HD resolution, seamless compatibility with After Effects CC 2016 or later, and the fluidity to work with various frame rates, ensuring your news opener impresses every time.

Customize colors effortlessly with Color Control, and engage your viewers with a concise 25-second opener, featuring 13 placeholders and 20 text folders for comprehensive customization. A helpful PDF guide is included for ease of use, and the template supports Universal Expression for broader language accessibility. Elevate your news segment with the perfect soundtrack, available at

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