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The exciting musical backdrop for these reels can be found at Audio Jungle, complementing the visual appeal with auditory sophistication. The recommended font, Montserrat, available at Google Fonts, adds to the visual clarity and professional polish of the content.

VideoHive offers these Instagram Story Reels templates, ensuring real estate marketers can produce top-quality visual stories that are bound to capture the attention of potential clients scrolling through their feeds. This combination of sleek design, ease of use, and customization potential makes Real Estate Commercial Instagram Story Reels an essential asset for any real estate professional’s marketing toolkit.

Features of Real Estate Commercial Instagram Story Reels

In the realm of real estate marketing, captivating visuals and engaging story reels have become crucial for success. Real estate professionals seeking to create a striking impression on Instagram need look no further than the Real Estate Commercial Instagram Story Reels, an After Effects template boasting a suite of impressive features to craft eye-catching content.

  • High-Definition Quality: Each reel can be produced in FULL HD resolution, specifically 1920×1080. This ensures that every image and text displayed is crisp, clear, and professional, giving potential clients a high-quality viewing experience.
  • After Effects Compatibility: The template is compatible with After Effects CC 2016 or higher software. This level of compatibility ensures that a wide range of users can access and use the template with their current version of After Effects.
  • User-Friendly Customization: Customization is made very easy, even for those with minimal experience in video editing. Users can quickly adapt the reel to their branding and specific requirements without extensive technical know-how.
  • Optimal Duration: The template is designed with a duration of 0:12 seconds, perfect for creating short, impactful stories that can hold the viewer’s attention and convey essential information in a brief window of time.
  • Media & Text Placeholders: With 13 media placeholders and 14 text placeholders, the template provides ample space for images and messages. Users can showcase multiple properties or key selling points without clutter or overcrowding the reel.
  • Pure After Effects: The template is 100% After Effects, meaning it doesn’t require any external plugins. Users can be assured of a seamless design process without needing additional downloads or purchases.
  • Music Integration: A music link ( is provided to sync with the visuals for a complete storytelling experience. The right background music can evoke emotions and set the tone for the entire reel.
  • Font Aesthetics: A link to the Montserrat font ( is included, allowing users to maintain a clean, modern text appearance. This sans-serif font is versatile and readable, making it ideal for the fast-paced nature of Instagram stories.

Real estate professionals utilizing this After Effects template can expect to create Instagram story reels that are not only visually stunning but also tailored to highlight their properties and services effectively. The combination of high-definition visuals, smooth customization options, and the ability to integrate appealing music and text ensures that each reel is a potent tool in any real estate marketing strategy. With such features, these reels can significantly contribute to a brand’s digital presence, engaging potential clients and leading to successful conversions. Each feature built into this template is crafted to aid real estate agents and marketers in showcasing property listings with elegance and efficiency.

How to use Real Estate Commercial Instagram Story Reels

If you’re in the real estate business, presenting property in a visually appealing way on social media can significantly enhance engagement and interest. The ‘Real Estate Commercial Instagram Story Reels’ template for After Effects is a tool designed to make this task both efficient and professional. This template allows you to create stunning Instagram Story Reels that can captivate your audience with sleek animations and detailed listings.

Before you dive into creating your Instagram Story, ensure you have the latest version of Adobe After Effects installed. Familiarize yourself with the interface if you’re a beginner, or if you’re an advanced user, make sure your workspace is set up for efficient workflow.

Using the template starts with importing your own images and text. You’ll find placeholders where you can drag and drop high-resolution photos of the property. Then, customize the text areas with details like price, location, and contact information. The template is designed to make these changes intuitive.

One of the standout features of this template is its modular structure, which allows you to rearrange scenes for a personalized narrative. Experiment with different configurations to highlight the most attractive features of your listings. If you encounter any obstacles, such as fitting text into designated spaces, remember to adjust font size and weight to ensure legibility.

Keep your content clear and your visuals sharp; this template serves as a bridge between your listing and potential clients. With less than 200 words, you can create a compelling story that makes viewers stop and take notice. Happy editing, and here’s to making your properties shine on Instagram!

Real Estate Commercial Instagram Story Reels Demo and Download

Elevate your Instagram presence with the ‘Real Estate Commercial Instagram Story Reels’ template for After Effects. With FULL HD resolution and compatibility with After Effects CC 2016 or newer, customizing this template is a breeze. The duration is a concise 0:12, featuring 13 media and 14 text placeholders – all 100% After Effects, no plugins required. Set to the backdrop of ‘The Real Estate’ soundtrack from AudioJungle and complemented by the sleek Montserrat font from Google Fonts, your content is sure to stand out.

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