Smoke Dispersion Effect for Posters - 6700704

PSD | 26 mb

You’ve found the magic key to turning any photo into a masterpiece. Smoke Dispersion Effect for Posters takes the capturing sparkle of photographs and grows them into an epic look you never thought possible. Smart Layers maintain the composition while tools creatively enhance your project in seconds.
Did you ever wish that unforgettable photo had an even more dramatic effect? Wish no longer, with the smoke dispersion effect. You’ll create the atmosphere you’re looking for with this powerful editing tool. Slow down what’s happening in the frame to make the moment last forever. Enhance or defame something by adding a dark foggy twist to it! Crafting your perfect saturated picture is easier than ever before.
What’s inside?
high-quality PSD scene;
3000×4500 px, 300 dpi;
help file.