Old Money Aesthetic Lightroom Presets - 51681645
Old Money Aesthetic Lightroom Presets – 51681645
XMP DNG | 6 mb
Old Money Aesthetic Lightroom Presets – Immerse your photos in the luxurious and timeless elegance of the old money aesthetic with our exclusive collection of Lightroom presets. Crafted to transform your images with the sophisticated charm and classic style of old wealth, these presets are perfect for those looking to convey a sense of luxury and refined taste in their photography. Available in both XMP and DNG formats, this collection includes 8 meticulously designed presets that effortlessly apply the distinctive colors, textures, and ambiance of old money elegance to your photos. Whether you’re editing professional shoots, lifestyle blogs, or personal collections, these presets provide a quick and easy way to achieve a consistently polished look.