Dreamy Light Leak Overlays vol 1 - SA7YQXE
Dreamy Light Leak Overlays vol 1 – SA7YQXE
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10 overlays with natural light leaks. “Light Leak Overlays” is a premium collection featuring 10 high-resolution JPG files. These overlays are designed to add natural and vibrant light leaks to your photos, enhancing them with a dreamy, ethereal quality. With these overlays, you can easily create stunning effects that mimic the look of light streaming through windows, cracks, or other openings. Use JPG files in any application, just set specific blending mode – ‘Screen’. These overlays are incredibly easy to use. Simply apply them to your images using the ‘Screen’ blending mode in your editing software to seamlessly blend the light leaks with your photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to add a creative touch to your images or an amateur photographer wanting to experiment with new effects, these overlays are sure to impress.