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About the Product
Say hi toAlotaretro typeface. Inspired by 70s design styles, a good decade where we saw many calm colors with groovy, bold, 3D and round shape.
This font is very easy to use withhundreds of stylistic alternate (ss01-ss12)& powered with opentype feature.
If your application does not feature a glyph palette, We also add thecharacters mapin PDF to help you access hidden alternates available in our OpenType fonts. Simply chose the character on the PDF you want to use to your clipboard, then return to your application and paste while using the appropriate Alota font.
The font really bring a good statement for your logo design and can be the image of a design.
Alota is very unique andeasy to apply to any media;t-shirts, posters, sign boards, and social media needs.
Product Content:
Alota Regular OTF
Alota Regular TTF
Alota Regular WOFF2
Alota 3D OTF
Alota 3D TTF
Alota 3D WOFF2
Alota characters map .pdf
A-Z Character Set
a-z Characters set
Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
Stylistic Alternates (01-12)