Abstract Modern Watercolor BUNDLE -  5241946


Abstract Modern Watercolor BUNDLE – 5241946


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Abstract Modern Collage and Watercolor Elements Bundle includes over 170 elements like watercolor and acrylic hand painted elements and forms, gold and glitter doodles, brush strokes and splatters, collage cutout paper shapes, floral greenery elements, seamless patterns, craft and hand painted paper textures, ready to use compositions and print posters .Be sure to click on the image to see all elements.
All the pieces you need for modern collages!
Just perfect for those who love to create whimsical collages, e-newsletters, web banners and quotes to skyrocket on social media, magazine layouts, posters, wedding invitations, greeting cards, business cards, art, illustration, day planners, desktop wallpapers, clipart, stickers, scrapbooking, textiles & more! You’ll have all the decorative pieces you need to create something wonderful!
ABSTRACT FORMS AND NATURE ELEMENTS 87 transparent PNG approx 7”x8”, 10”x5”, 5”x5”, 11”x14”;
PAPER COLLAGE SHAPES 25 transparent PNG approx 7”x6”, 8”x7”, 9”x8”, 5”x9”;
COMPOSITIONS 25 transparent PNG approx 12”x14”, 10”x14”, 10”x12”, 14”x13”;
GOLD SKETCHED SET 24 transparent PNG approx 8”x8”, 7”x8”, 1”x8”;
PRINTS A3 10 JPG 16,5”x11,7” 4961x3508px ;
SEAMLESS PATTERNS 10 JPG 12”x12” 3600x3600px;