18 Miami Mobile Lightroom Presets, bright summer filter - 664094

18 Miami Mobile Lightroom Presets, bright summer filter – 664094

DNG | 40 mb

Our team is always looking to produce the best products for you because you deserve the best. 
In this product, we have produced 18 color prints for you, which are based on the information that our professional photographers and editors have done in the city of Miami, Florida.
We divide this collection into two categories for you. A set with a + sign and a set without that sign. The difference is in the amount of exposure to the image. 
This Preset tries to increase the color contrast and in some colors create changes for you that make you feel like you are now on the beautiful beaches of Miami.
Our recommendation for using Preset is to use it in photos that have different colors to multiply the beauty of your photo. In the end, good quality is never a coincidence
18 Mobile Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate files)
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