15 Vibrant Blogger Photo Editing Collection - 1416949

Lrtemplate XMP DNG ATN | 15 mb

15 Vibrant Blogger Lightroom Presets Lightroom Mobile Presets Photoshop Actions ACR Presets lifestyle vibrant and bright Instagram theme for Photo editing warm outdoor style

Vibrant Blogger add vibrant colors To Your Photos In this product, we tried to apply freshness, color, pastel, softness, shine, and an airy clean tone to your photos and make them professional these presets are perfect for portrait, Travel, photographers, Lifestyle, outdoor and indoor photos

15 Desktop Lightroom Presets ( lrtemplate files )
15 Mobile Lightroom Presets ( dng files )
15 Photoshop action ( atn files )
15 ACR Presets ( Xmp Files )

Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic
Adobe Lightroom Mobile
Android and iOS
Photoshop CC and above ( with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6 and later )