12 Lovely Spring Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Lrtemplate DNG | 15 mb

As the spring shows up, it’s love time. So get out and start the novel journey with your lovemate. Spring is photogenic, so why not immortalize your memories by making photoshoots!
So, we will boost your couple’s spring photos with “Lovely Spring” lightroom presets. These presets are all about enhancing a warm, bright, airy look, and spring glow on your skin and creating a soft romantic feel.
This set can be applied to any type of photography and will look great in outdoor portrait and lovemate photoshoots…

This set includes
? 12 Unique lightroom mobile presets (.dng file)
? 1 installation guide for Lightroom Mobile preset (.pdf file)
? 12 Unique Lightroom Desktop Preset (.lrtemplate file)
? 1 installation guide for desktop lightroom presets (.pdf file)