VideoHive Wicked Glitch Advertisement 19231329

VideoHive Wicked Glitch Advertisement 19231329 Information

Wicked Glitch Advertisement 19231329. Create your own epic Glitchy Product or Service advertisement!
Included with a perfectly synced 30 Second edit. Revealing any logo, product or service is as easy as it gets.
Great high impact and shocking video to intrigue and lure the viewer .
This CS5 or above project is Full HD,
it doesn’t require plugins and contains over 0:48 seconds of great pre-renders to fiddle with.
All scenes are separated;
Boxing scene is two x 4 sec (30 fps)
Black venom growth is 10 sec (24 fps)
Furry Ball is 6 Seconds (90 FPS, Means: Slow mo in 18 seconds)
Clouds and moon up + down track shot is also 10 seconds. (24 fps)
It’s extremely generic so it can fit with a variety of industries.
Corporate, Classic, Luxurious, yet edgy. Young, dark, yet filled with action.
Perfect as opening titles for shows, movies, fashion events, Commercials etc
One master edit which is 0:35 minutes long built from a variety of Scenes (Pre comps)
CS5 Project, Pre rendered 1920×1080
No Plugins Required – Everything is Pre-rendered
Synced to EvgenyBaryuzha’s incredible tune – Glitchy Breakbeat
Alpha channels are also included for all compositions, so you can change the Backgrounds if you’d like
User Friendly – Detailed PDF Manual & Organized Project
Fonts used are Square Slabserif, there’s also an Arial version included

Wicked Glitch Advertisement | Size: 756.59 MB