Ultimate Photoshop Graffiti Kit - 5755728


Ultimate Photoshop Graffiti Kit – 5755728


ABR | 222 Mb


The 3 mock-ups templates are taken from true graffiti environments and scene of real life, such as under-construction buildings, trains or abandoned vehicles. Every single template is designed to give a realistic touch to your digital works, maintaining the structure of the surface underneath your painting.
Included in the kit you’ll find 20 symbols, 23 sample tags, and 3 alphabets, easy to combine for creating new designs very quickly. Every Alphabet is made of letters to drag and drop, making very simple the creation of new words and compositions!
Included in this set:
– 40 Pressure sensitive Photoshop (.ABR) brushes
– 3 Realistic mock-up templates (.PSD)
– +40 Symbols and sample tags in high quality (6000x4000px 350dpi, all as transparent .PNG)
– 3 Alphabets with drag and drop letters (4000x4000px 350dpi transparent .PNG)
– Instruction guide (.PDF file)