Tropical Rainforest Illustrations Collection and Patterns - 1408970

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Amazonia is a collection containing various matching elements for your modern design. Tropicals are still a big trend, and this collection unites illustrations, patterns and decorative elements of rainforest theme. A burst of summer colours of vibrant parrots, exotic flowers and shades of green, a bit muted by sandy and chocolate browns of Amazon furry animals.
The set combines illustrations, pre-made compositions, frames, borders and seamless patterns for your lovely creations!

The kinds of animals and birds in the set:

Jaguar x 1
Puma x 2
Sloth x 1
Ocelot x 1
Capybara x 1
Squirrel Monkey x 1
Scarlet Macaw x 2
Blue Macaw x 1
Toucan x 1
Amazon Parakeet x 1
Hoatzin x 1
Capped Heron x 1

Botanicals include leaves of: monstera, palm, fern, orchids and many more.

Product details:

39 individual illustrations of animals, birds, plants and flowers in watercolor (PNG)
5 gold geometrical frames (PNG)
10 pre-made compositions (PNG)
5 decorative borders (PNG)
12 seamless patterns (JPEG)
all files are high resolution (300 dpi)