The Seasons Bundle Lightroom Presets - 6565571

Lrtemplate DNG XMP | 1.3 Gb

Desktop + Mobile Bundle
The best presets for all of your winter photo editing needs! The Winter Whites preset pack features clean whites, rich contrast, and natural warm skin tones. The Winter Whites Collection is super versatile and work beautifully on all types of photography. Perfect for portraits, families, lifestyle, cute pets, and more! Collection includes 6 color presets and 2 black & white presets for a nostalgic feel.
Collection includes both desktop and mobile files so you can easily edit at home on your computer or on the go with your phone/tablet device. These presets will be handy wherever you go!
We’ve even included a bonus desktop adjustment tool-kit for you to adjust your images in a few simple clicks. Empower your business, up-level your photography, and improve your editing skills with these amazing editing tools!

8 Lightroom Desktop Presets (lrtemplate + xmp files)
8 Lightroom Mobile Presets (dng files)
45 Desktop Adjustment Presets Tool Kit
Step-by-Step PDF Install Guide with Editing Tips
Easy To Follow Mobile Video Tutorial

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