Realistic Rain Overlays - 6543245

JPG | 7000×5000 | 177 mb

50 Realistic Rain Overlays
If you want to easily add rainy effects to your photos in just a few clicks, then this set of 50 overlays will help you to achieve good results. Realistic rain overlays were made using real photo material to make them look as natural as possible.
Good fit for social network stories, Instagram posts, advertisement content, prints, posters, and more.
Recommended using “Screen”, “Lighten” or “Linear Dodge(Add)” blending modes applied to an overlay layer. Just have fun and experiment with it!
If you want to make an overlay brighter just duplicate the layer.
Add different overlays with different blending modes to create a unique combination.
50 JPEG files (7000×5000, 300DPI)