Mystica - Psychedelic Photo Overlays - 6213262

JPG | 5000×3000 | 107 mb

20 Psychedelic Photo Overlays
Mystic is closer than you can think, it’s around us, what we can see is only a small picture of everything that happens in the universe. Let your pictures expand in the visions and iridescent fractal shapes that will add new layers of perception.
Good fit for social network stories, Instagram posts, advertisement content, prints, posters, and more.
Recommended using “Screen”, “Lighten” or “Linear Dodge(Add)” blending modes applied to an overlay layer. Just have fun and experiment with it!
If you want to make an overlay brighter just duplicate the layer.
Add different overlays with different blending modes to create a unique combination.
20 JPEG files(5000×3000, 300DPI)