Multi Shape Mosaic Halftone Photoshop Action - 52299924 - 196300290
Multi Shape Mosaic Halftone Photoshop Action – 52299924 – 196300290
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Multi Shape Mosaics and Halftones Introducing a brand new Photoshop action that transforms your images and illustrations into stunning mosaics with ease! Unleash your creativity by choosing from six unique styles, each available in two distinct versions, ensuring a total of 12 mesmerizing effects. Whether you’re working with high-resolution photos or small-sized images, our plugin guarantees results up to 4000 pixels in width. This amazing tool will let you add a modern touch to your designs. The action utilizes a variety of shapes to create the mosaic. These shapes represent the bright and dark areas of the original image. In one of the styles shapes representing dark areas are larger, while those representing light areas are smaller. This ensures visual balance in the mosaic. By combining these shape arrangements, the action generates the mosaic version of the original image. The result is visually stunning and captivating. 6 different mosaic styles: Choose from a variety of styles to match your creative vision, Two versions for each style: Each style comes with two unique versions; a light and a dark option High-resolution output: The actions create 4000 pixels wide mosaics, perfect for printing Small image support: Even if your source images are small, Multi Mosaic can create 4000 pixel wide results. You can even use 80px wide images.