Magical Storybook Toolbox for Procreate

Brushset PSD SWatches | 828 Mb

In this toolbox youll find:
A total of 18 picturebook inspired brushes
9 pencils (also can be used for lettering)
9 pastels + crayons (also can be used for shading)
5 extra accent brushes for shading and fluff!
including my super secret scribbler brush to add glowy effect to any drawing
3 paper overlays to add extra texture to your drawings
can be modified according to your liking
in 2 sizes: for iPad pros and smaller iPads
change the background color to enhance the gorgeous textures of the paper
5 color picture book inspired color palettes
to quickly start creating, from vibrant color choices to muted tones
3 extra usage tips:
tilt your pencil to see the rich shading effects of the pencils!
select a layer, go to bloom to add glow to your magical drawings!
use scribble scratches to emphasize glow on your work!