Disco Ball 3D Lettering Pack - 5716751

PNG | 4000×4000 | 226 Mb

Nothing says disco quite like a glitter ball. So, recently, when creating some nightclub flyers, we thought to ourselves, why not combine a glitter ball texture with 3D lettering? Wow, were we impressed with the results!
So, with new year’s eve celebrations just around the corner, and a backlog of post-lockdown parties waiting to take place, this resource couldn’t come at a better time
Included in this 3D lettering pack:
Letters A-Z
Numbers 0-9
Symbols: A-Z, 0-9, ., ! @ $ ? () /
File details:There are 44 individual assets included in this download. Each letter and number is around 4000px by 4000px in dimension (perfect for 4K) with the symbols a little smaller.