CreativeMarket - Taste Mandarin - Lightroom Presets 5223163

CreativeMarket – Taste Mandarin – Lightroom Presets 5223163

DNG | 1 mb

About the Product
It will create unforgettable vivid images with lots of yellow and orange. Especially beautiful landscapes and street photos. The sky on them has a gentle turquoise hue.
1 Mobile Lightroom Presets for Photo Collection
Once you’ve taken a photo, you’re halfway to creating a popular Instagram post. The other half is digital image processing.
Choose the presets that best suit the style of your photos and always use them before posting a photo.
Your own style
Users prefer bloggers who have a recognizable style. Find your aesthetic and stick to it. This will help your followers always pay attention to your posts when they browse Instagram feeds.
Once downloaded, you will receive DNG file that can be used in both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom.
You will also receive a file with instructions on how to install and use these presets.