CreativeMarket - Oil Brushes for Procreate 5830141

CreativeMarket – Oil Brushes for Procreate 5830141

Brushset | 404 Mb

This versatile Oil Brush Set for Procreate App comes with 57 brushes. All of them are dynamic, preassure-sensitive and absolutely uncomplicated for intuitive workflow. It allows you to work with a wide range of traditional oil painting techniques, such as scumbling, blending, glazing, alla prima, blocking in, impasto, etc. The closest to natural oil painting experience!
Important: this brush set works only in Procreate App for Ipad Pro and don’t work on your computer!
After unzipping the pack you will receive:
·50 Oil Brushes;
·7 special Smudge/Blend Brushes (they don’t has color);
·Kingfisher Color Palette;
jpeg file with tips.