Cracked & Distressed Textures - 5417236

ABR JPG AI EPS BRUSH | 5184×3456 | 65 Mb

Discover this product and all the potential that it has, this set was made for all the designers that need ascratched effect to Illustrations, flyers, stickers, social media or merchandise design,just imagine your client’s music project with this result, also you can use on abadge logo design.
Each image was chosen and edited on black and white color for easier manipulation, just choose Cracked texture and design everything!. Iadded 50 textures on vector graphics and brushes,combined them or used one part as you need.
Each jpg has 5184px – 3456px. Every vector graphic has 4000px – 2667px.
What?s included?
150 Textures
12 Brushes for Procreate and Photoshop
Secret bonus