Agate, Marble & Gold Textures Bundle - 5877271

Agate, Marble & Gold Textures Bundle – 5877271

JPG PNG | 3600×3600 | 2.9 Gb

Introducing Agate, Marble & Gold Textures Bundle featuring eight stunning collections for the price of one! Grab over 100 beautiful backgrounds and get access to all future updates!
Use these gorgeous textures to effortlessly add style and glam to your creative projects. Easily design beautiful packaging and wrapping paper, stunning wedding stationery and branding. Instantly spice up you business cards and social media graphics. This collection is perfect for magical, mystical, nature-inspired, boho, glam & romantic projects.
Gold Veined Agate Stone Textures – 3672378
10 Malachite & Gold Mineral Textures – 3742063
Blue & Gold Agate Geode Textures – 4412832
Neon Agate Stone Textures – 4786134
Gold Veined Red Agate Textures – 4496798
Pink Agate Illustrations & Textures – 4107043
10 Gold Veined Marble Textures – 3680830
10 Seamless Marble Textures – 3661635
HIGHLIGHTS (please follow the links above for detailed information about each product):
·quantity: 8 products – over 100 items:
o60 agate textures;
o20 marble textures;
o20 subtle textures in red and blue;
o10 metallic foil textures in red and gold;
o10 seamless patterns featuring pink agate illustrations;
o5 pink agate illustrations.
oGold Veined Agate, Malachite, Blue Agate, Pink Agate, Gold Veined Marble, Seamless Marble Collections: 3600 x 3600 px (12 x 12″);
oNeon Agate Collection: 5400 x 5400 px (18 x 18″);
oRed Agate Collection: 4500 x 4500 px (15 x 15″).
·resolution: 300 DPI;
·color mode: RGB;
·file formats:
otextures – JPEG;
opatterns – JPEG & PNG with transparent backgrounds;
illustrations – PNG with transparent backgrounds.