8-IN-1 Vintage Photo Effects - 3130244

PSD JPG ATN | 4000×3000 | 2.3 gb


Colorized Old Photo Actions:
Make Old BW
Add All Tones
Add Skin Tones
Add More Skin Tones
Add Blue Tones
Add Cian Tones
Add Green Tones
Add Yellow Tones
Add Red Tones
Add Magenta Tones
Add Pink Tones
Custom Colorization
Add Warm Photo Filter
Smart Layer Mockups:
Vintage Postcard Mockup Landscape.psd
Vintage Postcard Mockup Portrait.psd
Step-By-Step User Guide.pdf
Bad Photocopy Effect Overlays
28 Bad Photocopy Effect JPG 3500×2500
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf
CYANOTYPE Digital Photoshop Effect
Demo Video:
PSD 4000×2667 file for processing photos in the style of cyanotype with a photonegative.
PSD 4000×2667 file for processing graphics in silhouette form, plants, objects, fonts.
User guide.
Old Photo Effect Overlays + Actions
24 Dust and Scratches JPG 4000×2700
24 Paper JPG 4000×2700
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf
WET PLATE Photoshop Template PRO
PSD Mini Template 840×1000
PSD Template 2100×2500
PDF User Guide
Vintage Backgrounds & Overlays
50 Premium Vintage Backgrounds 4000×2700 px
PDF User Guide
Film Burn & Grain Overlay Effect
52 Film Burn & Grain Overlays JPG 3000×2000
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf
Vintage Old Photo Effect Overlays
21 Dust and Scratches JPG 3000×2000
23 Paper JPG 3000×2000
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf