505 Photo Overlays Bundle 2.0 - 5266469

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505 Photo Overlays Bundle
Current version: 2.0
Sparkles, smoke, dust, fireworks, sandstorm, neon, bright light leaks, psychedelic shapes, crystal dispersion, iridescent shining, prisms, fire, and even ghosts, fog and Halloween overlays.
You will find a different variety of professionally crafted digital photo overlays. All of them have both high quality and amount of detail (minimum resolution is 4500x3000px). These photo overlays can help you to add some magic to your images if you’re a graphic designer, photographer, blogger, content creator, or illustrator.
What’s Inside:
50 Smoke Overlays:
50 Smoke Overlays Vol.2
55 Epic Photo Overlays
20 Magic Photo Overlays
20 Magic Photo Overlays Vol.2
50 Haunted Photo Overlays
50 Dust Photo Overlays
Version 2.0
84 Crystal Overlays and Textures
100 Firework Overlays
26 Prismatic Overlays