24 Duotone Style Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Lrtemplate DNG | 26 mb

Duotones have existed for as long as there have been cameras.
Contrary to their role as background players, duotones also work great as the focal point of a picture. As the cringeworthy cliche goes: less is more. It so happens that when you replace the multitude of colors in a photo with only two, that image becomes immediately more striking because its so unlike the images we normally see.
Generally, this style seems to work well where you want the photo to look good without being too avant-garde.
Our 24 Duotone Style Lightroom presets are perfect for giving your photos a unique style in seconds and also we offer this collection in 8 categories such as gentleman, modern style, urban, nature and etc.
These filters work well for posters and book covers where the copy is not as important as an evocative image.
Just in one click to give your photos the mood and style.

This set includes
24 Unique Lightroom Mobile presets (.dng file)
1 installation guide for Lightroom Mobile preset (.pdf file)
24 Unique Lightroom Desktop Preset (.lrtemplate file)
1 installation guide for Desktop Lightroom presets (.pdf file)