20 Cine Green Tint Lightroom Presets - 244565440-20-Cine-Green-Tint-Lightroom-Presets
20 Cine Green Tint Lightroom Presets – 244565440
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Transform your visual storytelling with the distinctive green tint commonly seen in Asian cinema. These Cine Green Tint Lightroom presets and LUTs draw inspiration from contemporary films like “Goodbye Earth” (2024) and “The Highway Family” (2022), as well as timeless classics such as “Dragon Inn” (1967). The green tint, often used to evoke a dystopian atmosphere or add an eerie vibe, is also a characteristic of traditional film stock. Use these presets to enhance your photos or videos with a cinematic green tint, creating a striking and memorable aesthetic. What You’ll Get: ·20 Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets ·20 Skin Tone Protected Lightroom Presets ·20 LUTs ·20 Skin Tone Protected LUTs