20 Campfire Lightroom Presets & LUTs - 6216572

Lrtemplate XMP DNG CUBE | 71 mb

Bundle up around a campfire at night and you’ll be transported back to the days of your childhood. Campfire Lightroom Presets is more than just an ordinary pack of filters, it’s a trip down memory lane. These presets give make campfires stand out without oversaturation. The careful color combination of cool and warm colors creates a modern look that’s perfect for your Instagram feed. In this bundle, you’ll receive presets for Lightroom, profiles for Capture One, and LUTs.
What You’ll Get
Lightroom Presets
Lightroom Classic Presets
Lightroom Mobile Presets
Photoshop and Camera Raw Presets
Capture One ICC profiles
LUTs for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, OBS Studio, Spark AR Studio, and more (3dl, cube, look, png, and mga)
PDF installation guide
The Bundle
1980s(5 Presets)
999(5 Presets)
Ahenio(5 Presets)
Anise(5 Presets)