10 Rustic Wedding Ps Action ACR LUT - 5939376


About the Product
The most beautiful thing that happens in this world is the love that arises between two people, and this love reaches its peak when it leads to a relatively permanent and lasting relationship. This lasting relationship usually begins with a big celebration and a friendly gathering, and this event is called marriage. A cozy and sweet home is usually created by the marriage of two lovers and this is what we all wish to have. If you are interested in the radiance of love, the light of intimate life, the feeling of a luxury wedding celebration, do not worry, we are here to provide these specifications for your pictures with specialized presets. Enjoy your wedding party pictures. LUT is one of the most widely used files that can be used in various software such as premiere pro, after effect, final cut pro, DaVinci. Please read COMPATIBILITY before download.
10? ?Photoshop actions? (.?atn files?)?
10? ?ACR presets? (.?xmp files?)?
10? ?LUT presets? (.?cube files?)?
?For Photoshop Actions?: ?Photoshop CC and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6? ?and later?)?
?For ACR Presets?: ?Photoshop CC? ?and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6? ?and later?)?
For LUTs Presets?: ?All Graphics Softwares that they can work with LUTs Preset such as Adobe Photoshop?, ?Davinci Resolve?, ?Adobe Premiere Pro?, ?Adobe After Effects?, ?Final Cut Pro, and others